Monday, April 6, 2009

The Golden Shadow Spread

Yes, after seeing so many recent blog posts featuring this fine spread, I had to test drive it! The initial question is "Where do my highest potentials and abilities lie?" After shuffling, you divide the deck into four piles: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Then you look for the sun card, which will indicate which area contains the most potential.

Mine, surprisingly enough, showed up in the mental category! While I am an intelligent person, I consider myself very emotional, the embodiment of the Queen of Cups. I guess that's why they call it potential, because I have so much room to grow!

Next up is a three card spread with only the cards that were in the mental pile. It's a lot harder to shuffle when the deck is reduced that much!

1. What aids me in developing my highest potential? - 2 of Wands
2. What hinders me in developing my highest potential? - 6 of Swords
3. A possible outcome once I have formed and developed my highest potential. - Strength VIII

The 2 of Wands is a pretty simple one for me. I am good at picking the right path to focus on, and make the right decisions overall. (Although, it may take me awhile, just ask my friends!) Once I do decide, I finally get a grip on my world and am on my way!

6 of Swords is pretty blatant too! I tend to run when the going gets tough, and carry my worries with me. In fact, in this card she even has an extra passenger! I can't run from all my problems, I need to turn around and use my mind to figure out the best course for my life.

Strength is a great outcome here! When I gain control of my full mental potential, I can wrestle any beast! Although in this card, she is more at rest with him, and not struggling. "The lion lays down with the lamb..." and all that jazz. I can look forward to coming to terms with my problems, and dealing with them easily.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Daughter's First Reading

Today, I was doing a nine-card reading with my Fenestra tarot deck. My daughter decided to come over and take a look at my cards.

She pointed at the Four of Wands, and said "I like that card. It has pretty flowers." This is a great card, symbolizing foundations and family. We have a close-knit, happy family too, so this card fits perfectly.

Then she pointed at the Nine of Swords. "I don't like that one. That girl is crying." So, she then picked up the Seven of Pentacles and moved it next to the Nine of Swords. "That will make her feel better," she said. I have been stressing out a lot lately, and taking the time to assess my life so far and track my progress will make things much more manageable! All of these cards have been coming up recently, and my sweet daughter took care of the meanings, as simply as possible.

This is the first time I've let her touch my tarot cards, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well she did! I'm also a bit proud too. Kids are so blessed with their gift of innocence and intuition, and she is no exception.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fenestra Tarot Deck - Transition Spread

My Current Transition Spread (Reading on 3-25-09)

I have been feeling as if I am in the middle of a major transition, although I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what is going on, or where I am heading. So I decided to do this tarot spread to gain a little insight.

1. Where I am now in this state of transition? - Page of Wands

I am at the beginning of my energy, seeking out energy and power. Reclaiming my life, being myself and following my own path. I am confident and brave, and ready to go down new paths on my spiritual quest.

2. What do I need to work harder on? - Ace of Cups

I need to work on my emotional spark, learning how to balance my emotions without burning out. Refilling the well, and trusting that my spirit will always carry me through the tough times. Giving of myself, knowing that I will always have more richness and comfort to give.

3. What's helping me? (Strengths, strong points) - The Moon XVIII

My strength is my inner intuition, creativity, and empathy. I have a strong connection to the darker side of life, and can explore the depths of emotion with strength and skill. I am unafraid of raw, naked emotion, and am willing to face it head-on. I am balanced, and can walk in the dark and the light easily.

4. Where is this leading? (An important step) - The High Priestess II

I am heading towards a deeper understanding of the hidden secrets of life. I can learn when giving out knowledge is appropriate, and when merely pointing in the right direction is the better choice. I am learning how to read the ancient scrolls, and dispense wisdom appropriately. I can be the whisper in someone's ear, the gentle push of the wind that can lead in the right direction. I can control the wilds of the moon, and balance intuition with wisdom.

5. Outcome when you follow steps 1-4. - Six of Pentacles

The outcome is the perfect ebb and flow of life, a balance in my giving and receiving of resources. My spiritual knowledge will lead to physical and emotional bounties. I will give to others, and I will be fulfilled and enriched. I will no longer be begging to learn, but I will be a natural vessel for hidden knowledge and secrets.

Overall, I see this reading as being a great start to my new tarot path, which will naturally spill over into the rest of my life. I'd love to hear your comments as well!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fenestra Tarot Deck - Knight of Wands

This morning's card is the Knight of Wands. The Knights are known for their high energy anyway, and coupled with the wands, it's going to be a go-go-go kind of day! I hope I can keep up.

My first impressions:

This young man has planned his adventure and is going out to get it with his strength and determination. He is well armored, riding his trusty steed through a barren desert. He passes three pyramids, giving up their potential treasures to reach his true goal. He does not wear a helm, as he is not going off to war. Rather, he is a traveler, an adventurer, possibly going of on his own personal crusade. He has a firm grip on the reins, as well as on the wand. He keeps his eyes on his goals, no matter how far off in the distance they may be.

My thoughts:

This knight is a sign of a passionate undertaking, one that is more meaningful than simple treasures. The goal has been decided, and all of your energies are being thrown at it wholeheartedly. You may not know how much longer the journey will be, but this knight lets you know that you are charging ahead anyway. Although he is not galloping full speed, as he would were he at war, he is keeping up a steady pace. He is well prepared, well guarded, and is channeling all of his energies in a positive direction. The advice he gives is to remain focus, dedicated, and always keep your eyes on the goals in front of you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fenestra Tarot Deck - Four of Cups

My tarot card for this morning is the Four of Cups. A card full of emotion, and one I can personally relate to, as an emotional Cancer sign myself. I spend a lot of time here, working with the energy of the Four of Cups, and applying it to my daily life.

My first impressions:

The young man in this card at first appears disinterested in the cup offered to him. As if the first three cups weren't enough, the fourth is a token that is just not welcome right now. His hair is loose and his dress lax, and he has a thin choker-style necklace. In the background is a dark blue tree, growing in reverse! The leaves point down to the ground and curl around themselves, and the branches do the same.

My thoughts:

The apparent disinterest is in reality depression, as all of the bountiful gifts that life has to offer aren't enough to snap the man out of it. After the life of celebrations in the Three of Cups, the allure of excitement has lost its luster. Life doesn't seem to make any sense anymore, everything is working against him. He is stuck in a cycle of mixed feelings, and has to take time out to reflect and heal. I also see this card as one of stagnation, of wallowing in the mire of depressed feelings. When things don't turn out as expected, it takes time to evaluate and understand your place in the world. The advice that this card holds is that you need to be aware of your emotions, no matter how dark and confused they may be. Accept the fact that this is how you feel, and don't beat yourself up for feeling this way. Life still has a lot to offer, but now is a time for reflection, contemplation, and understanding, of yourself and the world around you.


Image Credit: Taroteca

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fenestra Tarot Deck - Nine of Swords

My first "Primary Deck Reflection" with the Fenestra Tarot deck is with the Nine of Swords. This card has been very reflective of my mental state lately, as I have been worrying and stressing over very small problems.

My first impressions:

The lady here is visibly distressed, crying and curled up. She is very simply dressed, her hair plain and unadorned. She is not wearing shoes, which I see as not having the tools to rescue herself from her situation. She is sitting on a ledge decorated with black waves, as the depths of her dark emotions carry her away. The nine swords that line the wall are thick and heavy, and extend past the frame of the card, which symbolizes that the end of worry is not in sight. The handles look much larger than the woman can handle, and she appears too weak to be able to wield them properly. The wall itself has the gentle shading of a reversed rainbow.

My thoughts:

This is a card of feeling hopeless, and worrying constantly. The nine swords are indicative of the many fears that are attacking all at once, disrupting concentration and causing havoc on the mental state. They appear too large to deal with, and they obscure the beauty of life. When confronted with this card, it makes me feel as if I am too small to deal with the problems at hand. I am caught in the loop of stress and worry, and without means to fix the situation. I am wrapped up in the despair of my own thoughts. While there is no problem that doesn't have a solution, when the Nine of Swords appears, it is time to reflect on the problems that I am avoiding, and how to solve them one at a time. There is no one forcing me to tackle all nine swords at once!


Image Credit: Taroteca

Primary Deck Reflections Introduction

Welcome all to the Intuitive Tarot Readings blog! My name is Kimberlee, a student of tarot. My knowledge of tarot cards is growing every day, and I have been reading for myself and others for quite some time. In order to further my tarot studies, I am committing to the Primary Deck Reflections found on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. Here's the basics:

1. I commit to one tarot deck as my main tarot deck to reflect on throughout the year. For the remainder of 2009, I will use the Fenestra Tarot Deck as my primary deck.

2. I will post my weekly (or more often) reflections about this tarot deck here, at the Intuitive Tarot Readings blog.

3. Since this is a primary deck reflection, I am free to use (and blog) about any other deck in my possession. Right now, in addition to the Fenestra, I also own the Deviant Moon, Gilded, and Rider Waite Smith tarot decks. Expect to see them here on occasion.

So, I am here to introduce my Fenestra deck to the world. Pictured here is the tarot card back, which is what drew me to this deck in the first place. It is gorgeous, and I love roses, so this tarot deck was a must have. I love the soft pastels of this deck, and the unique artwork by Chatriya. The pictures are a blend of Manga, Egyptian, Mythological, and Art Deco, providing a unique look to the tarot cards that I instantly connected with. Some people may have a hard time with this deck, but it has so far been the most lovely and enchanting deck I own.

Coming up in my next post will be my first official reflection post, so stay tuned!


Image Credit: Taroteca