Monday, April 6, 2009

The Golden Shadow Spread

Yes, after seeing so many recent blog posts featuring this fine spread, I had to test drive it! The initial question is "Where do my highest potentials and abilities lie?" After shuffling, you divide the deck into four piles: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Then you look for the sun card, which will indicate which area contains the most potential.

Mine, surprisingly enough, showed up in the mental category! While I am an intelligent person, I consider myself very emotional, the embodiment of the Queen of Cups. I guess that's why they call it potential, because I have so much room to grow!

Next up is a three card spread with only the cards that were in the mental pile. It's a lot harder to shuffle when the deck is reduced that much!

1. What aids me in developing my highest potential? - 2 of Wands
2. What hinders me in developing my highest potential? - 6 of Swords
3. A possible outcome once I have formed and developed my highest potential. - Strength VIII

The 2 of Wands is a pretty simple one for me. I am good at picking the right path to focus on, and make the right decisions overall. (Although, it may take me awhile, just ask my friends!) Once I do decide, I finally get a grip on my world and am on my way!

6 of Swords is pretty blatant too! I tend to run when the going gets tough, and carry my worries with me. In fact, in this card she even has an extra passenger! I can't run from all my problems, I need to turn around and use my mind to figure out the best course for my life.

Strength is a great outcome here! When I gain control of my full mental potential, I can wrestle any beast! Although in this card, she is more at rest with him, and not struggling. "The lion lays down with the lamb..." and all that jazz. I can look forward to coming to terms with my problems, and dealing with them easily.


  1. It is a good spread thanks for sharing.

  2. Dealing with them confidently at the very least. I don't mean to be a wet blanket but if we learned to deal 'easily' with our problems then where would the challenge (and the fun!) be???

    'Not struggling' is a very good principle...

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I think Strength as a possible outcome is wonderful!

  4. Good point Lisa. Perhaps instead of "easily" it is more that I will only put out the appropriate amount of energy to tackle problems. Not overdoing, and not throwing up my hands in frustration. I'll have to think over this one a bit, Strength has came up in a lot of readings lately.

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